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Ever wanted to ride a unicorn?

Well, here's your chance. Invest in a managed portfolio of top-tier venture capital funds from the world's best managers.

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median annual gross returns generated by top-quartile VC funds since 2008
Average return on invested capital over a 5 year period (and that's dead average)
Amount invested in venture capital, 2022

Why Old Street Ventures?

OSV is a new type of fund provider. We're on a mission to open up access to the world of venture capital and startups. Our funds give you access to multiple top-tier VC firms at once: letting you be a part of the latest, leading businesses while diversifying away risk.

We're making space for all types of investors, with an approach that's as easy as it is effective: straightforward, easy-to-access funds that let you invest directly or through your preferred platform. Simple as that.

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No Long Term Lock-ups

Our uniquely liquid structure puts you in control of your capital - with monthly dealings & 90 days notice.

Transparent Fees

We'll always charge a simple 1% ongoing charge and 10% performance fee, and make sure you're aware of any fees associated with underlying funds.

Accessible For All

Start investing with as little as £1,000 or opt for monthly top-ups. It's about bringing venture capital to everyone.

No Complicated Agreements

Invest directly, via your pension provider, or your preferred investment platform. We handle the complicated agreements so you don't have to.

How it works

Invest in OSV's funds directly, via your SIPP, pension provider or favourite investment platform. Choose to invest as a one-off, or set up regular contributions. We pool cash from investors in high-yielding money market securities until capital is called by the VC funds.

Capital is distributed to our chosen VCs, who then invest in a variety of startups. Some make it, some don't, and some make it really big. By actively investing in multiple VCs with different strategies, and across sectors with low correlations, OSV ensures diversification and protects your money.

VCs report back on their portfolios, allowing us to value the fund and your investment. As VCs exit their investments, cash is returned back to OSV and is ready for re-investment. And since OSV always maintains some cash on hand as part of our portfolio strategy, you can always cash out and take profit at any time.

Venture capital, as it should be.

We're on a mission to democratise access to venture capital and startup investing. Which is why our fund-of-funds model brings together key elements our investors have come to expect:

  • Liquid

    Realise your gains as you go. Cash out and take profit with 90 days notice.

  • Evergreen

    Never worry about messy LP agreements, invest for as long as you like via our unit trust structure.

  • Regulated & Authorised

    Sleep easy knowing we're taking this seriously, we're pursuing full-scope AIFM authorisation.

  • Low fees

    Invest for less, with a simple 1% ongoing charge and 10% performance fee.

  • Diversified

    Leave the legwork to us. Maximise returns through exposure to leading startups as we allocate across GPs.

  • Accessible

    Invest from as little as £1,000. Subscribe on your favourite platform, or invest directly with us.

Come ride the next wave of unicorns

Be a part of the action and invest in the future with OSV.

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