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Old Street Ventures is on a mission to open up access to the world of venture capital and startups. Venture capital funds are now recognised as strategic investors in the future, consistently outperforming public markets and other major asset classes. Yep, the returns are just that good.

These VCs know what they're doing. Managers (GPs) carry out in-depth due diligence, negotiate favourable terms, and select the most promising founders - all before investing a thing. And their exceptional returns speak for themselves: the best fund managers are highly sought after, which drives fund over-subscriptions and high minimum investment requirements.

No more dice-rolls on crowdfunding. No more towering minimum investments with GPs that you aren't quite sure about. And definitely no more putting your money on lockdown. Welcome to a new type of extraordinary.

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Be a part of the action and invest in the future with OSV.

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